Underwriter Members 2020-2021

Chicago Title Insurance Co.
Contact Person:  Bobby Burgess
433 Metairie Road, Suite 525
Metairie, LA 70005
Phone:  800-850-5970
Email:  burgessr@ctt.com
Other members:
Chris Geyer - chris.geyer@fnf.com
Anna Batten - battena@ctt.com
Katheryn Belanger - katie.belanger@fnf.com

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co.
Contact Person:  Barbara Wrobel
433 Metairie Road, Suite 525
Metairie, LA  70005
Phone:  800-772-8206
Email:  barbara.wrobel@fnf.com
Other Member(s):
Kim Roig - kim.roig@fnf.com
Maggie McDonald - maggie.mcdonald@ctt.com 

Fidelity National Title Group
Contact Person: Brian Ellis
433 Metairie Road, Suite 525
Metairie, LA 70005
Email:  brian.ellis@fnf.com
Other member(s):
Shirley Carroll - shirley.carroll@ctt.com
Glenda Barras - gabarras@fnf.com
Lindsey Long - lindsey.long@fnf.com
Brian Ellis - Brian.ellis@fnf.com 

First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana
Contact Person: Gayle Poole
935 Gravier Street, Suite 2100
New Orleans, LA  70112
Phone:  504-588-9252
Fax:  1-504-539-5906
E-mail: gpoole@firstam.com
Other member(s):
Peter Keenan - pkeenan@firstam.com
John McCarthy - jmccarthy@firstam.com
Scott Gallinghouse - sgallinghouse@firstam.com
Steve Sklamba - ssklamba@firstam.com
Kelly Paliaro - kspaliaro@firstam.com
Vanessa Sharpe - vsharpe@firstam.com
Vivian Rogers - vrogers@firstam.com
Sadie Thibodeaux - srthibodeaux@firstam.com  
Ginny Evans - gevans@firstam.com

North American Title Insurance Company
Contact Person:  Karen Bates
760 NW 107th Avenue, Suite 400
Miami, FL  33172
Phone:  305-559-5656
Email:  kbates@natic.com
Other Member(s):
Sara DePhillips - sdephillips@natic.com

Old Republic National Title Insurance Co.
Contact Person: Kirk P. Sterling
14323 South Outer 40 Road, Ste 230
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone:  314-647-3747
Fax:  314-647-3768
E-mail: ksterling@oldrepublictitle.com
Other member(s):
Steve Bolla - sbolla@oldrepublictitle.com
Bob Liebrich - bliebrich@oldrepublictitle.com
Jason Holdmeier - jholdmeier@oldrepublictitle.com

Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Contact Person: Mike Watson
P O Box 62108
Lafayette, LA  70596
Phone:  800-209-4675
Fax:  866-592-5180
E-mail: mwatson@stewart.com
Other member(s):
Rose Anne Seemann - roseanne.seemann@stewart.com 
Malcolm A. Meyer - Malcolm.meyer@stewart.com  
Charles Craig - ccraig@stewart.com 

The Security Title Guaranty Corp of Baltimore
Contact Person:  Michelle Peterson
16478 Anna Belle Dr,
Prairieville, LA 70769
Phone:  225-290-7372
Email:  mpeterson@esecuritytitle.com
Other Members:
David Cooley - dcooley@esecuritytitle.com

Title Resource Guaranty Company
Contact Person:  Paul Myers
8111 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX  75251
Phone:  800-526-8018
Fax;  888-485-3630
Email:  paul.myers@titleresources.com  
Michael Godat - mickey.godat@titleresources.com 
Jason Bragg - Jason.bragg@titleresources.com

Westcor Land Title Insurance Coompany
Contact Person:  Steve Black
1900 St. James Place, Ste. 125
Houston, TX  77056
Phone:  281-362-5860
Email:  sblack@wltic.com
Other Member(s):
Ronald Dold - rdold@wltic.com
Angela Fling - afling@wltic.com

Phillip Snowden - psnowden@wltic.com

WFG National Title Insurance Company
Contact Person:  Earle Thompson
644 Papworth Avenue
Metairie, LA  70005
Phone:  504-264-9800
Fax:  504-324-9966
Email:  ethompson@wfgnationaltitle.com
Other Member(s):
Elizabeth Pecoraro - lpecoraro@wfgnationaltitle.com
Debbie Thompson - Dthompson@wfgnationaltitle.com
Cindy Sloane - csloane@wfgnationaltitle.com
Irl Silverstein - isilverstein@wfgnationaltitle.com
David Silverstein - dsilverstein@wfgnationaltitle.com

Louisiana Land Title Association, Post Office Box 14806, Baton Rouge, LA 70898 ~ Phone:  225-291-2806

Some of the photographs used on this site were created by Randy Roussel, a long time member of LLTA.

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